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Wendy Z's

Art & Animal Communication

Animal Communication


Klydez and Max

Grason and Blackitty

Wendy provides Animal Communication Readings (AC), Reiki and/or Color and Light Healings for pets, domestic or wild animals. Spirit readings can be done for animals that have passed.

Q: How does Wendy as an Animal Communicator help animals and their people?

A: By being a conduit for the animal's voice, words and images. The family may then address and take the necessary steps re:

  • Emotional issues
  • Relationships with people or other animals
  • Health, physical issues
  • Food issues

Wendy studied with Animal Communicator Marta Williams in Sonoma County in 2006 and 2007. She also learned about cat behavior during private sessions with an animal behaviorist in San Francisco in 1999. She has been offering AC readings since 2006. Wendy's first teacher was her grandfather, who passed on his wisdom and inspired her to develop her innate gifts.

To schedule a session, email Wendy.

Please note that any information about the physical state of an animal, is from the animal's perspective only. Wendy does not diagnose health issues. Pets may need veterinary assistance.

All services on this website are offered at no charge, so that people may instead make a donation to an animal rescue organization.


"Wendy tuned into my cat Rudolfo, who had not been eating ~ and she suggested I take him to the vet asap because he told her he was feeling extremely ill. We went immediately and he needed emergency dental surgery."

Christie Heller, Petaluma, CA

"Thank you for your help in finding our cat Bart. The clue about the dirt road, the barren fields surrounded by trees and the red barn really helped. When we started looking in the direction of the barren fields we saw a red barn in the distance. We found a way to get closer to it, put up more flyers and within a day, one of the neighbors was able to get Bart into their garage so we could go get him and bring him home. We saw the dirt road too and think it was a back way into that rural neighborhood which was how Bart got there - by following that road."

Jon, Petaluma, CA

"Amazing! I'm stunned! Wendy got the exact emotional state of my dog Sparky, and that he did not feel well. He told her it was the food ~ and that he wanted different food. A trip to the vet's confirmed a serious stomach condition."

Sandy Laubert, Petaluma, CA

"My dog Klydez was having a hard time with the passing of his buddy, Phillippee and could not accept our new addition to the family, our puppy, Max. Wendy helped Klydez by letting him know he was not being replaced, that Max is his new brother and to take his time accepting him. Thank you Wendy for the valuable information, as it helped bring Klydez and Max together, as seen in this photo."

Maureen Bandas, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Our cat Edgar had been acting oddly. His body language (tenseness, twitchy tail, skittishness) and behaviors (licking rocks!) had me concerned. Wendy communicated with him and found some very viable answers to my query. She picked up on his age and very stoic personality! He now seems to be acting like the fellow we know again. The reading was both healing and informative."

Simone, Petaluma, CA

"My babies have had a hard time adjusting to the travelling and the moving we've done in the last few months. Wendy let us and them know, everything is ok, and they'll love their new home! My 14 1/2 yr. old Yorkie, Spike, has had severe issues with his liver enzymes increasing dangerously high. We had him in the Vet several times for treatment. Wendy said he told her he wasn't ready to go, yet.

I'm so glad I knew that, because we could have had to let him go. We held on as long as we could, and sure enough, he got better, literally on death's door. The vet was shocked when he saw him at the last visit, he was standing on my hubby's lap looking right at the doctor, instead of wrapped up asleep in his blanket! I shudder to think what may have happened if we didn't know he wanted to stay a while longer! We wouldn't have known he had a chance to get better, and we would have lost him before he was ready! Thank you Wendy, for helping us to have more time with our little boy!"

Pat LeMonde, The Villages, FL

"Dear Wendy,

Thank you so very much for helping us find our lost cat Winkie, and so fast!

After first speaking to you on the phone, we anxiously began awaiting your 'post-reading call.' Winkie often goes on walkabout as she was born feral and we're usually not too concerned when she doesn't come home for a couple of days.

This time however, no one had seen her in a while and it was going on a week. Needless to say, my anxiety was building.

Upon receiving your call I was greatly relieved to hear Winkie had communicated to you that she was still on the Earth plane, and indeed within 20 minutes she was back in my arms!

As you described her spirited strong character I knew you had really connected with her. She let you know she was trapped and had been so for three days with only one mouse to eat.

Your description of the buildings and landscaping clearly directed me to our backyard neighbor's property which we had already searched. I had checked their outbuildings and sheds but she was not there.

Following Winkie's message to you that I should 'go up the hill,' I continued up their long property looking over fences to see who else might have a shed that matched your description. A friend was with me, we were conversing loudly and calling out to Winkie.

While peeking over the neighbors fence into someone else's backyard we heard Winkie meowing very loudly. Hooray! We couldn't tell at first where it was coming from but soon her little face appeared at the tiny wire grated window vent from the crawl space under the house. Oddly, she had accessed this through the neighbors open garage door probably from our side of the street.

Apparently he had accidentally closed the door on her and she was stuck! The garage was unusual as it had a dirt floor (like you described) which had access to the crawl space. There were also plenty of tools and cluttered stuff to step over and through also as you described. The red barn/shed you described was actually the perfect clue to get me to the back of their house where I could hear her.

We are all overjoyed to have our spirited cat safely back at home again. She in particular is very grateful for your help and has been purring, snuggling,and kneading us up a storm.We are supremely grateful for your gifted animal communication. We are also thrilled to know she likes her name and that she thinks her brother is fat and funny. He is - and we love them both!

With much appreciation,

Susie and Winkie"

Susie, Petaluma, CA