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Wendy Z's

Art & Animal Communication

Art Cards

Jesse in the Garden

Golden Rose

Golden Rose

Sweet Cat

Orange and Regal

Ancient Wisdom

The Encounter

Dove and Goddess

Cozy Friends

Bright Bird

In the Garden

The Birthday

Happy Yellow Cat

Roses, Bird, Cat

Orange Cat Stretching

Caroling Cats

Art Furniture

The Art Piano

Red Rocker

Spencer's Custom

Storybook Chair

Rose Chair

Cat and Roses Chair

Night Magic Chair

Custom High Chair

Book Cover

Friends Along the Road

Wendy's artwork is on the front and back covers of "Living with Grief: 36 Lessons from Life." She is one of the 36 authors.

Community Profile

Wendy Zeigler wears many hats in her day-to-day life in Petaluma — pet communicator, Reiki healer, musician, author, teacher, artist — but her current favorite title, she says, is “Fairy Godmother of the Neighborhood,” bestowed upon her because of her passion for reaching out to help others.

Excerpt from Argus Courier Newspaper: Community Profile on Wendy: "Petaluma’s ‘Fairy Godmother’ gives back"



All of Wendy Z's images are one-of-a-kind, original images. All rights reserved