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Wendy Z's

Art & Animal Communication

Community Profile

Wendy Zeigler wears many hats in her day-to-day life in Petaluma — pet communicator, Reiki healer, musician, author, teacher, artist — but her current favorite title, she says, is “Fairy Godmother of the Neighborhood,” bestowed upon her because of her passion for reaching out to help others.

Her artistic journey began at age 2 when, growing up in a household headed by her nationally famous singer-songwriter father and artist mother, young Zeigler “made art out of anything I could get my hands on,” she said. It was her grandfather who first made her aware of how animals communicate.

"He loved all of nature's creatures and he taught me much about wild birds,” Zeigler remembered.

She began following Native American lore as a child.

When I began to learn more about animals, they seemed to find me, or to show up in my life as teachers," she said.

She decided to take three Reiki master training degree classes in 2001 and studied with Animal Communicator Marta Williams in 2006 and 2007. She learned many tips when she used the services of Lydia Hiby in the 1990's.

“Grandpa taught me at a young age that I had intuitive ability and I wanted to pursue it further,” Zeigler said.

She said that she’s been creating and teaching art to children since she was very young.

“I started Wendy Z’s Creative Recycling when I was in my 20’s and still have a passion to teach families how to reuse, re purpose and recycle,” she said. “This evolved into my art classes for preschoolers, which I expanded into two licensed child care facilities where I emphasized art, music and nature."

As a singer-songwriter, she’s written hundreds of songs, many for children.

“I’m known for my cat songs too, particularly ‘Do The Mushy Bread’ and ‘No One Knows But Me,’ ” she said.

She is also one of 31 authors who contributed to the book “Living With Grief” by David Pierce. Zeigler was impressed with Pierce’s work.

"I offered the art for both covers because I felt he was doing such good work in the world. I do tribute art, so I was passionate about this project. It has been very fulfilling for me," she said.

Zeigler embodies the powers of love and communication.“I believe that we are never alone and if we connect with the divine source, we are guided to our highest good,” she said. “We are here to help each other.”

Source: Lynn Schnitzer, Argus Courier


Wendy Zeigler

Artist, animal communicator, Reiki master, musician, author, teacher, puppeteer


Family: Single.Education: Studied music and art at Long Island University and San Francisco State University.

Hometown: Cincinnati, NY, been in Petaluma 16 years.

Community service: COTS volunteer puppeteer for children, Farmers Market volunteer, volunteer musician for Petaluma Peoples Services, Pet Pals volunteer, donor of face paintings and art to raise funds for Forgotten Felines, offering free emergency pet finding readings, providing art lessons and music for seniors at care facilities, “Fairy Godmother” for the neighborhood.

Hobbies: I crochet kitty curl-up blankets.

Books: “Medicine Cards: the Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sans, “Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small” by Ted Andrews and “Longfellow, His Life and Work” by Newton Arvin, her great-uncle.

Favorite Petaluma-area hangout: Her studio.

Source: Lynn Schnitzer, Argus Courier